The Lands of Aethar is a heavily modified SMAUG-based MUD rich with history and hidden lore. Over the last 15 years Aethar has evolved from a simple hack-n-slash into an intense text based combat MUD where the environment is just as dangerous as the monsters.

When you enter the Lands of Aethar, you will discover that leveling isn't our primary focus. Unlike other MUDs that like to slow you down with the grind of experience we prefer to use leveling as a tutorial that you can finish in a few hours instead of months. Immediately after leveling you will be thrust into the unforgiving world of Aethar where your strength is measured by your conquests!

In Aethar, each player can choose to level three classes, becoming what we refer to as a triple avatar. With 25 classes to choose from this gives you just over 6,000 combinations to try out, not to mention the 36 unique races to go along with them. But enough about leveling lets get to the exciting part!

Aethar is a mob-killing focused mud. The fast-paced combat is live or die by a thread, and finding that intense feeling in a text based game is something we pride ourselves on. The latest encounters take advantage of our powerful scripting to create fights that are not just attack and heal, but ask you to perform other actions during combat to counteract the boss's abilities. Now I know what you are thinking "This sounds to easy." or "I could handle that with one hand tied behind my back." Well that might be true if this was just your average MUD, but we are much more. In an attempt to make combat more unique and intense we offer you the ability to play with not 1, not 3, but 2 characters at the same time! That's right, we here in the Lands of Aethar encourage players to play with two characters at once, something we refer to as duoing. This allows players to strengthen their fighting ability, and go head-to-head with some of the toughest entities in the land with out needing to party up (for those of you that like to play as lone-wolves).

While Aethar is primarily focused on combat that's not to say we haven't prepared for those of you that like to lead a more peaceful existence. We offer several non-combat oriented features such as player owned housing & shops, professions, an extensive crafting system that is constantly expanding, daily quests, a casino, kingdoms and guilds to run, several economies to master and a number of other ways to influence the world around you.

Our philosophy is to make changes that create an enjoyable experience for our players. We don't add grind and call it content, we add real features and systems that are both interesting and fun. If the players ever have any suggestions or complaints we take them seriously and help remediate the solution in a way that all parties are satisfied. Our immortal staff is never invisible, and are constantly communicating with players to get their input on what they would like to see added next.

I'm sure by this point you are ready to hop on and see if we are just blowing smoke so I'll wrap it up here.

So thanks for reading and the Lands of Aethar!

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